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You haven't seen the plays. Ponder always progresses his reads across the field if the line gives him time. On pass plays the Vikings usually only have one or two receivers on the field. He only has a couple of options to go to and that usually gets cut in half or to only 1 when Musgrave calls the PA rollout. He doesn't have many options.

Let's see, in JAX, he got them into FG range with 20 seconds left in the game after the defense gave up a 50 yd passing TD with half a minute left. Game 2, drove them back from a 2 TD deficit for the defense to let Luck drive downfield in under a minute, then the 49ers, he didn't need or was asked to do anything in the Ttans game, Redskins game is on him although his defense, play calls and taking AD/Harvin out in the RZ didn't help, Cardinals game was one of the worst QB'd games of the year, QB would have led the Vikings to win, TB could've scored 45+ if they didnt have comfortable lead.

I'll come out and say that in a week and half, Ponder will destroy the best secondary in the league.
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