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Whatever your opinion of the actual trade, Harden comes out looking a little two-faced and selfish. He's been talking about sacrifice, brotherhood, camaraderie, and a chance at a title for months. The team offered him 4/55.5 when they could have offered 4/60. Not exactly a huge sacrifice. Westbrook left $16 million over 5 years on the table, and Ibaka probably left a little money on the table, too. But Harden wanted a max and I think he wants to be the guy. So he's gone. It's been interesting to watch him develop. He had nowhere near this type of swag his first year in the league, and now he's this basketball-playing hipster god. I think he just outgrew the team. Oh well.

Normally, I'm all about everyone going out and getting theirs. Get the best deal you can for yourself, and you shouldn't have to answer to anyone. But don't lead on a fanbase and essentially lie to their faces when you're talking about all this stuff you clearly don't care about. Just be a man about it. You want a max, you deserve a max, go and get a max. No need to talk about sacrifice.

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