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Default Stephen Jackson trade sources from ESPN

well its been reported by ESPN that teams are calling about Stephen Jackson and the Rams are listening to offers. My question is Stephen Jackson might be on the down end of his career he is not in his prime anymore being 29 and all. Being a Dallas Cowboys fan I hope Jerry Jones doesnt try anything stupid here he always likes to throw the kitchen sink at something and pay no matter what to get a player. We need all our draft picks next year to fix our O line and D line. Demarco Murray is our running back but the only problem with him is he runs like Marion Barber did and we all seen how that turned out. He doesnt shy away from hits and its already taken a tole on his body. Since our back are hurt I just hope Jerry doesnt try anything stupid here. I wouldnt be surprised though if he traded one or our players away for something or went out and grabbed someone small time.

Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams RB, drawing trade interest -- sources - ESPN
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