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Default Looking to Sell or Trade Golf Balls - WTTF Baseball or Football Cards

Long story short I work at a golf course and these are all the balls that I have found left in carts or on the course. The balls range in condition but the breakdown is below. I am placing the value of them based simply on condition. I also have a few 3 ball boxes that are brand new. the boxes are not in the greatest condition but the balls are just fine. I can get pics upon request. I am looking to trade for anything and everthing baseball for these. I would prefer some stars or HOF'er cards but I will consider all offers. If this thread is in the wrong section or against the rules in some way then please let me know. There is a broad range of brands: Noodle, Top-Flite, Callaway, Titleist, Wilson, Nike, Prostaff Ultima, Pinnacle, Taylor Made, ETC. I prefer to trade all of the balls in one deal or maybe split in half and do too deals just based on shipping costs being high. I can fit everything in a medium flat rate priority mail box. I am looking for around $50-55 in trade for all of them.
Sell Price is $45 shipped.
Below is just a breakdown of what value I put on the balls:
Some balls also have permanent marker writing or marks on them.
Brand New (never Hit)
Like New (looks new to me but I can't guarantee they have never been hit) $1 each (8)
Excellent (Used but look like they have barely been used) $.75 each (19)
Mix of Acceptable to Good condition (Light Wear but good for practice) $.35 each (49)

76 balls in total

Brand New Mixed Box of 3: Titleist Pro V1 Nemours Bringing Hope Home (2 #2's and 1 #3) $6
Like New Box of 3 Titleist NXT #2 New castle insurance LTD Multa Bene Facta Symbol $5
Titleist DT Solo Box of 3 (Boxes are in pretty good shape)
- I have 3 of these. 2 have all 3 Balls and 1 has only two.
- $6 per full box and $4 for the box with 2 balls.

14 brand new balls in total
Always looking for nice HOF Autos and Patches
Main wants Babe Ruth Pinstripe Cards/Patches
PC Derek Jeter Prime Patches/Unique Game Used Cards

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