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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
This a good thread, although some secrets have been shared, lol, shhhh

You can make money on eBay & with cards, just like someone somewhere can make $ at almost anything that others may not be able to or thought of

However, this thread with it's good tips also has much missing and that comes from time & experience...building up customers and a name/rep within a niche market

Too often folks like to jump into an over-saturated market, and start off poorly. You will most likely lose $ before making it. Also, some jump in way too deep rather than starting slowly. Find a place you are comfortable & start there, not everywhere... for some it may be a specific sport or non-sport and perhaps it could be cases or collections or set breaks or supplies or who knows

I spent years trying to help other sin this business and have enjoyed it. I have been interviewed an asked to write for websites, but no matter how much talking or writing it can't answer everything. There are so many tips. I could write a book over 1,001 tips that I have learned in 16 years but just like with anything it takes time and it is not for everyone.

That is one thing for sure. If you do not have patience, or current financial ability, or even time away from job/home/life, this is no easy business. It is about 18-20 hours a day and eBay never closes even on holidays. If you become big & successful, people will want to contact you and expect fast answers and faster shipping, just like ebay now wanting shipping with 24 hours. May be easier with store of older fixed priced items, but new stuff at 100s auctions a night is not. I receive on average 250-300 eBay messages a days during a break, plus another 200 twitter messages, not to mention emails and PM and DM, etc. And that takes so much time, but is important to me as I always want to deliver top customer service and respond each time as timely as I can. There are so many things to do during a break, and so many requests.

Anyhow I could go on and on. In fact I talk to other case breakers daily and have a guy that asked me to mentor him about 5 years back & we still talk on the phone almost daily. Market, strategy, and things always changing, so you have to adjust too.

This is just a basic article I wrote about case breaking....again not easy & I don't advise just jumping in so big, but there are some basic truths at least from what I have learned in the market/niche/way I do things.

Hope it adds to this all. It is just one of many articles/interviews I have done.
One key thing as well to all this is relationships!!!!

Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Sports Card Case Break

Good luck!
But the biggest and most important piece of information not mentioned here is...knowing the right people so you get the product before anyone else and have your listings up on ebay first!
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