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I'm up to number 4 on the front page!

I just added 500 more cards. I'm still needing to price some that are too rare for pricing. I need to do a little more research, so check back tomorrow if you have time. Here's the link:

mwheeler27's Cards -

Here are my current stats:

General Account Info
Items in Inventory 8,434
Total Book Value $131,996.35
Items w/o Book Price 1,099
Total Asking Price $197,733.23
Items w/o Asking Price 28
Items Not for Sale 1
Items Ready to Ship 0
Total Sales $17,821.28
Items Sold 1,234
Items Purchased 1,298
Items Added to the Site 8,374

These stats illustrate that I have a lot of cards "too scarce for pricing" because my asking prices are nearing $200,000.

Anyone want to buy my port for 50% off my asking price?
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