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Originally Posted by FreeFlow View Post
Why all the hate on Newton lately?

Besides the "Superman" celebration when down 24 points, I don't mind he's pissed off, wacky post-game interviews. Better then Some QB's that simply don't care when there team loses.

He's obviously going through some mental issues this year. He's never been faced with no much negativity, losing and bad play by his self.

He needs to learn, losses are a HUGE part of the NFL and He's gonna learn that ALOT, even more this year.

Question is, What position do they take with the 1st-4th overall pick?
I think the bigger question is will he ever be able to run an NFL offense and not a gimmicky one. Last year their offense was like watching a backyard football game. I always have been and will continue to be in the 'No' camp on this. To compare Bradford and Newton: Sam Bradford needs an online and some weapons. Cam needs to learn how to play the position.
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