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Originally Posted by romayo View Post
I'm finally going to send out my cards to COMC, couple of questions first. If this can be answered ASAP, i'd appreciate it, I want to get them out tomorrow :
on the "submit items" page, it says to make sure you have at least "X" dollars of store credit. I have that $20.00 coupon for first time sellers, would I need to to add the full amount of store credit, or can I do less since I have that coupon?

Also I'm sending it via USPS, Priority with a DC. Do you guys put insurance on it? Im just curious if people do it or not.

Thanks !

I believe with the coupon you should be fine submitting the cards, if you are looking for a quick sure answer I recommend calling COMC.

I use to use insurance for my shipments until I was told you must be able to provide proof of value to claim your insurance if cards are lost or severely damaged. So that means you would have to provide receipts for each card being claimed and wait forever to get your money I would rather keep the extra few dollars and take my chances (All have arrived just as a I sent them thusfar)

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