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Originally Posted by cking View Post
You must be taking lessons right out of the Cam Newton Soreloser its always someone elses fault when we lose book. Dont skip chapter 3 where they explain that he is no longer playing college football and he is gonna have to step up his game big time if he wants to succeed at this level. Or chapter 4 where Eli Manning explains how to go about your business when you are a PROFESSIONAL QB. Go cry somewhere else. I just call it like I see it. And right now Cam Newton sucks and there is no disputing that fact.
LOL, no, there definitely IS disputing that fact. He doesn't suck.

He isn't playing as well as last year, that's a fact, but what is the reasoning behind this?

The team is having a total meltdown and Cam is only a very small part of the problem. It's quite obvious by your comments that you don't have any knowledge of football as a whole and like to put all blame on the QB. It's a joke, your threads are a joke, the fact that you use two signatures to call out Cam Newton instead of repping your own team is even more of a joke, and the fact that you are starting a weekly thread about Cam Newton is the biggest joke of all.

You are all out swinging from this man's nuts. Just admit it.
Go Panthers!
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