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Ah the smell of Hypocrisy in the morning! Or is that the smell of Cowardice?

I cannot understand how an Ebay seller can be so willing to damage the business of other sellers. Too many low DSR's can cost sellers their Ebay Discounts and possibly get them removed as a seller.

Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Actually, I can say you are not being honest. Do you think I did not know the answers before I asked?

Now, I do not think your shipping rates are high, but I do know you are not being honest. Seemed obvious when you refused to back it up.

You have great feedback and you usually leave positive feedback - although I cannot know what DSR's you leave.

I have no dog in this fight at all and do not mean you any ill will, but you did lie.

Not all your auctions are free shipping and you charge $2.50 for 1 card - more than the OP.

EDIT: $2.50 is same as the OP, not more.
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