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Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
I cannot understand how an Ebay seller can be so willing to damage the business of other sellers. Too many low DSR's can cost sellers their Ebay Discounts and possibly get them removed as a seller.
Completely agree. At this point, I'm not even that concerned about the discounts themselves. Fine, let those be for the sellers that offer free shipping on everything and are completely willing to lose money ... whatever. But it is absolutely crazy that eBay would place so much power into a single buyer's hands, that he/she could potentially take down a seller. If eBay rules in the buyer's favor in my case, I have lost any potential for TRS, PowerSeller, or even "Above Standard" for at least the next few months. All because of one buyer. Again, not only have I had many repeat buyers already, who recognize that I provide top-notch service ... but this was also my first DSR ding below a 4. All because of one buyer.
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