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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Finally decided to jump back into this thread ...

I would say that even this is not the problem. The real issue is that eBay gives singular buyers the power to take down a seller. I am all for buyers being able to rate sellers' performances. But eBay's implementation of this gives too much power to the buyers, and oftentimes leaves sellers powerless.

In my situation -- you know what, if the buyer was unhappy with my shipping charges, then let him ding away. But ding only one card, don't ding all four. I effectively charged the buyer $0.50 to ship cards 2-4, and he gave me 2's on those. Even a 1 and three 3's would have been more justifiable than what he did.
This, eBay gives a buyer the power to decide if a seller can continue to sell. I was banned for a 4.7 DSR rating. 600 positive feedback didn't matter. DSR can control the fate of sellers and that is the issue.
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