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Originally Posted by sooslow View Post
LOL, no, there definitely IS disputing that fact. He doesn't suck.

He isn't playing as well as last year, that's a fact, but what is the reasoning behind this?

The team is having a total meltdown and Cam is only a very small part of the problem. It's quite obvious by your comments that you don't have any knowledge of football as a whole and like to put all blame on the QB. It's a joke, your threads are a joke, the fact that you use two signatures to call out Cam Newton instead of repping your own team is even more of a joke, and the fact that you are starting a weekly thread about Cam Newton is the biggest joke of all.

You are all out swinging from this man's nuts. Just admit it.
A very small part? While it is not all his fault, he is not playing well this year, and his leadership has been called into question by quite a few people. You talk about swinging from his nuts, sounds like you are trying to suck them.
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