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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
This, eBay gives a buyer the power to decide if a seller can continue to sell. I was banned for a 4.7 DSR rating. 600 positive feedback didn't matter. DSR can control the fate of sellers and that is the issue.
This is where I see the problem lying with Ebay standards, and not necessarily with either the buyer or seller. I think the buyer should have a right to give DSR ratings that they deem appropriate, although the fact that no justification is needed for such a grade remains a concern.

Where the problem lies is that Ebay expects everyone to have extremely high DSRs, or else risk losing their selling rights. This neuters the sellers because they're forced in many cases to take a hit on shipping so as not to see their DSRs suffer, and it also negatively impacts the buyer who doesn't want their "4 out of 5" to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Regardless of feelings on how you should rank sellers regarding their shipping, I think most people would agree that the system is broken.
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