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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
i was hoping he'd say his name to see what he said. in the comics (and then later in the novel) he ends up being somebody different. Curious to see which way they went with that.

I was glad they showed the heads in the fish tank. Would like to see the Gov's daughter now. I have a feeling they'll go with the comics on that aspect of the story.

was anybody else disappointed that the soldiers were the worst possible soldiers ever? they never fired a shot and the governor was right in front of them!
LOL YES! I was telling my wife the exact same thing. 1) They had a crappy camp. They were out in the open with no walls. Sure they had guns but why not hide from the hordes or zombies? 2) They allowed a bunch of civilians to ambush them. True the soldiers were tricked, but they don't have a scout or some precaucions to avoid being attacked like that? They were probably just worried about zombies, but they went down without a fight.
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