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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Few things to address here:

(1) First off, my apologies for being rude. That's not my style, and I'm sorry I presented myself that way.

(2) If you are not trying to be rude, then you should not say things like "maybe eBay isn't the place for you", because that is indeed rude.

(3) You set a very high standard for yourself as a seller, and that is to be applauded. However, if you are going to give me a 4-star rating to charge you more than $2 to ship 4 cards, then I would like your eBay ID so I can block you, because it costs me $2.15 to ship 4 cards, and I've got this stuff pretty much down to a science. I sincerely challenge you to show us how you do better than that.

(4) I think you, like many other eBay buyers out there, are misusing the eBay "Shipping Charges" DSR. When a seller specifically states the shipping cost, then why would you purchase an item from that seller (especially a common item) if you are opposed to the shipping charge? In this instance, the buyer purchased multiple cards from me knowing that I combined shipping, and knowing my combined rate ... and then turned around to ding me. Also, this from eBay: "Remember that sellers may charge for the cost of the actual packaging materials, along with a reasonable handling fee to cover the seller's time and direct costs associated with shipping." Obviously the amount here is up for interpretation, but you get what I'm saying ... and you have ignored this aspect of the shipping charge.

All that said ... I do appreciate your feedback actually, but I think you will find that you are in the minority.
Hey Calc, do you have a link to the bold part above? That rule may be new, as I seem to recall eBay explicitly stating that handling time wasn't part of the allowable shipping charge calculation. IIRC, allowable charges were just the cost of the materials and postage previously (not even gas to drive to the PO, or eBay/PP fees). Maybe I'm just misremembering though.

Anyways, IMO the problem with JRB's argument is that he is treating the situation like the extra $2 comes out of the buyer's pocket, when in reality it comes out of the final price of the auction.

IE: Card sells for $8 + $4 shipping = same card at $2 shipping will go for $10 at auction. It's not "stealing" because the DLVD price will end up being the same.

Buyer knows the cost going in and adjusts bid accordingly, and then dings for the "added" shipping cost? Puh-lease.
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