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Originally Posted by Cisco69 View Post
Way to many what ifs? If I thought bringing this up would have gotten this type of response I would have kept to myself. What it comes down to is the bidding that was done was not legit and no way I was going to take a second chance on it because of that. I keep to my principles and that's it. Anyone who knows me knows I have the money (not an issue) and I like to think Im one of the most stand up people in the hobby. I won't be addressing this further as everyone is entitled to an opinion, all I know is why I didn't take the second chance offer. Take it or leave it.
So what bidding wasn't legit? The winner or the other 4 ppl willing to 'pay' 28 grand?

If its so easy to tell it wasn't legit why did you keep bidding against the four other bidders?

What second chance would you have accepted?
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