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Thank you for the time to capture a fantastic summary of this situation.

Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
I have to ask why some of us, myself included, ever waste time to post threads like this on such a big board, lol
They always go down the toilet and waste time, we all have more important things in life
There are other boards that are smaller and even by invite only where say case breakers can share ideas/thoughts/info, and not have the thread go to crap because folks jump in & out

Every time I come here I am reminded of this and it is sad

Anyhow, I have many problems with all of this
BUT first it should be known as I have said before eBay is revamping all feedback and DSRs next year and will include a new way to leave buyers feedback once again...I hope it is very good but always have my doubts til seeing it

Also, for buyers to be able to leave stars on shipping charges is absurd IMO, they know the charges ahead of time, only exceptions to me is if they CHANGE the charges after the auction or if they say they are shipping fast like priority and then do first class, THAT was one of big reasons ebay first brought is also a reason eBay has backed away a lot from pushing free shipping, they didn't think that those offering free would start shipping by not only slower methods and less protective materials, but in the card world, the PWE became huge again, HENCE a big reason why they now require tracking info so not many PWE

Same goes for shipping time, if tracking uploaded and item shipped and scanned in, how is it seller's fault if it takes a week or longer to get there....a local sorting facility was without power for 3 days and caused major delays close by last month and with storms, and weather, etc, or just getting lost (as I have had packages take 3-12 months before, which 'll never understand)

My stars are all 4.9 or 5 and I am usually top rated seller. I have had shipping of $2.99 for years now (other than a 5 week free ship experiment almost 2 years back now) and always had 50 cents per item maxed out at $5.99. There are other 'costs' associated with shipping not just postage and supplies, but gas/mileage/time & yes ebay & pp charge fees based off shipping, so if my costs are $2 to ship and I charge $3 and ebay and pp take 40+ cents from that than that is a cost of shipping. That is why there is such a thing as a handling fee so SHIPPING & HANDLING... I have rarely had complaints on my shipping charges, maybe 2 a year and that is selling 10,000s items per year. Most people can read and understand, plus are happy to combine ship and not pay X amount over and over by getting cards from multiple sellers

anyhow, just my thoughts, everyone can have an opinion, but I agree that allowing buyers to dictate what discounts a seller receives is a bit too much, I would rather not mess with the discount honestly...and from talking to ebay and running my own dsr reports, the worst ones are other sellers trying to bring down the averages of sellers, buyers that are mostly buyers only tend to leave highest marks and ebay knows this
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