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Originally Posted by rauchand View Post
Hackler just commented on their blog that all 2011 redemptions will be signed on card!
Yay...then if you read on, he says that the cards have not been signed by the players yet:

"All autographs from the 2011 Draft Class redemption will be signed on card. So we will ship them out as soon as we have them returned."

"We’ll have images to show shortly. The cards for both classes are currently in the production process."

"Any “special processes” will be done when the cards are printed in the next few days. The 2011s and 2012s should be finished and back here in the next few weeks. At that point, the 2012s will be sent to customers holding those redemptions. The 2011s will be expedited to the players for on-card autographs, returned here and fulfilled."

What were they doing for the past 8-9 months?
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