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Tom Brady didnt go undrafted he was taken in the 7th round.

As far as Romo (OH-NO) goes it seems time in and time out if the game is close and the Boys have the ball with 2-4 minutes left Romo always drives the ball down field and gets really close to scoring but cant get the job done via mistakes ETC not all his fault though some are penaltys some are recievers dropping the ball and some is the Oline breaking down either way Romo most of the time always puts the team in position to win but for the most part cant get the job done its just a tease.

On a side note it would be really interesting to see his draft chart coming out of college meaning his college football review. There is absolutley a reason why he went undrafted I mean did he ever get the job done in college how good was his team at Eastern Illinois? If somebody could do some research on that it would be really nice to know if he was always this way?
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