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Originally Posted by BostonNut View Post
Bingo. I don't understand those folks who say it is wrong to ding a DSR just because you bought the item. If people are upset at the shipping price they paid then they have the right to voice the displeasure...

By the the hurricane signature!
Thanks. It is nasty, and I mean nasty hear right now. I understand both sides of the argument. The thing that aggravates me the most is that people complain about Ebay and thier policies, yet they have choices to avoid the problem they have with Ebay and they choose not to utilize those choices. Dont like selling on Ebay then sell on COMC, sell here, sell on SCF. Or fix the shipping price into your card and offer free shipping. Problem solved. Complaining about a problem that has solutions but you choose not to do anything other then complain is beyond utterly pointless.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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