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Originally Posted by peeweeherman View Post
I would take that card,but not at that price.I would pay $75 max

These cards i am tired of looking at:

Peyton Manning 1998 SP Authentic Jersey 18 2000 BGS 9 | eBay

Peyton Manning Dan Marino 1998 Atomic Refractor RC Rookie Serial 18 25 BGS 9 5 | eBay

Jersey 18 1998 BGS 9 5 Atomic Refractor 100 Peyton Manning RC Bowman's Best | eBay

Tired of seeing these cardsYeah they are numbered 18 out of whatever,but that doesnt do anything for me.And for the top one with the current ebay prices i could buy 3 pristine of the exact card and buy a brand new car.
But it's on sale! It's 10% off! You better act now...
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