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Originally Posted by burke23 View Post
Don't get me wrong - I'm all for people asking what they want. But it seems like a waste of our time as searchers, and his money as a seller. ANd it would be better if the 'discounts' weren't one is paying $18k for that one.
Originally Posted by CardCollector View Post
Lol I was wondering if anyone would see this.
I agree. It gets to a point where it just becomes a show room. Many of the searches I make are cluttered with over priced cards. I know that these people are trying to get high dollar offers but there are certain ones who take offense to "low ball offers", so I don't even bother if it is that much out of range.

I guess people can list what they want, but they shouldn't take offense if they get criticized for it either. But... we are just haters.
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