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Originally Posted by HBMC View Post
That's a pretty damn good ceiling for a guy who went to Eastern Illinois (which is tiny!) and went undrafted. He just passed Roger Staubach for 2nd on the Career Yardage mark and will probably have the team record when it's all said & done.
Had Dez's hand been in the endzone instead of the back line, he would've set the Cowboys single game record for yardage. It's not that he loses, he loses by the most ridiculous ways, multiple volleyball interceptions last year (and one this year), guys whiffing on their routes, guys whiffing in Pass Protection, a very inconsistent running game. So it's not all him, but he's certainly not blameless.
This is the truth.

I also like the Big Ben comparison. His defense alone won him at least one of his two rings. You can't ignore the organization a QB plays for.
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