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Well if you listen to Romo's interviews after the game, Its the same mopey excuses every single time. How many times are you going to change Head Coaches? How many players are you going to bring in and let go thinking "Oh they just are not fit for our Cowboy Organization" ... Big Time Money on this guy Big Time Money on this guy but they don't work ????? Stop and look at the guy in the middle of the pack wearing the number 9... Yeah>>> Him.. Tony Romo he obviously is not going to take us any where JERRY JONES with his PISS POOR PERFORMANCES that he gives TIME AND TIME AGAIN!! I am done putting the blame on any other player other than ROMO!!! Ever think he has decent numbers because of the players around him ???? I mean C'mon you need ONE YARD for a first down and you RUN BACKWARDS .. WTH??
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