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Originally Posted by Jrb1 View Post
So I should have to start here with a 0 feedback and send first on 20 transactions after I have completed 50 transactions with 10 more waiting on feedbacks?

Sure facts point against me, but thats not what we are judging here.

Yes it was a former friends ebay account, a very lazy so called friend. I created the BO A/C, then a photobucket to mirror ebay, and figured I would link it so people would not be afraid to deal with me, and could see 1500+ feedbacks at the time so they new I was a serious person.

So is this what you are trying to do with the ball of yarn now?

Yet you haven't mentioned that there is not 1 card in MY photobucket that is listed on that ebay account, lemme know over the next few weeks if any of them show up on that account or vice versa.

Maybe you need to live your own lonely pathetic life, instead of butting into other people's lives on here to make your self esteem grow.

Just seems like your upset because you can't find the new ebay ID that I use.

Good job Investigator Houdini
Did you just admit to giving other members false eBay usernames to make your friend's feedback seem like you own, or am I reading that wrong?
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