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Originally Posted by hugh View Post
This is the first time I've encountered this problem.

I sold a card and sent it delivery confirmation. It shows delivered to the correct zip code but the buyer said he didn't receive it.

What happens now? I'm pretty sure I'm covered with paypal seller protection, but what about the buyer?
This happened to me 3 times over a 6 week period where an item said delivered but I never got it. We went through a few weeks of dealing with the PO and they found that they were scanned delivered by a mail carrier not even delivering mail anywhere near my house and they could not remember anything about it, so the carrier was stealing peoples mail or just delivering it to people on his route and they not sending it back or keeping it. We did not get anywhere with the PO, 90% of the employees are people who careless about there customers issues.

So you are covered since the carrier scanned it delivered but the buyer has no paypal case since they go by the item being marked delivered as proof.

Originally Posted by mstng99tim View Post
This just happened to me 2 weeks ago. I bought a card and the DC says it was delivered but I never got it. I waited for almost a week hoping that it just got misplaced in the mail truck or something, but it still hasn't shown up. I called my PO and gave them my information, and I'm still waiting for them to call me back. Good thing it was only a $20 card.
Yeah, GL. Hope they can find your card but most likely its gone and someone stole it,threw it away or it was misdelivered and never sent back to the PO.

Most carriers scan there packages delivered before they leave the PO or once they get to there route(my carrier walks the streets so scans the items delivered in his truck prior to making his rounds)
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