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2011 Topps Platinum DeMarco Murray Autographed Jumbo Patch Superfractor 1 1 | eBay

This annoys me. Offered him a fair amount already. Really want this to pair with the Platinum Red logoshield, but he will never move this for his asking price.

11 2011 Panini Plates Patches DeMarco Murray NFL Logo Patch Auto RC 1 1 1 of 1 | eBay

Once again, sweet card, but he paid $200 for it, and it is not worth much more than that

2011 DeMarco Murray Topps Inception Rookie NFL Shield Logo Jersey Patch 1 1 RC | eBay

The seller paid less than $300 for it, which was very high at the time. Now, he is asking more than what I paid for 2 of mine with auto's and no slight damage around the edges.
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