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Originally Posted by Jrb1 View Post
You apparently need something to see better buddy. There is nothing else for me to say. I have said it countless times, and you guys just neglect to accept the fact that I am right. You can't make me leave the DSR you want, Just like I can't make you change your shipping to what I want. Whats so hard to understand about that?. Or maybe you just have a hard time understanding that all people have different thoughts and reactions to things.

No, they get a 1, combined shipping total is $5+, which falls in $4.01+.

Yes it is up for interpretation, and I know I am in the minority. If I can charge $2 and cover my costs up to 4 oz (4-8 cards in toploaders, depending on thickness of the card(s)), why can't everyone do it. The fact is if your policy differs from mine negatively (more expensive) I feel its unfair to me. Why should you make $.50 extra, plus $.50 extra per item, when I can do it for potentially $2 less.

Did I not say last nigh if you made $.50 per package on 5,000 auctions a month, You robbed buyers of $60K. Thats not wrong?
You continue to use these words ... "wrong" and "robbed". I have said it so many times that I don't know how else to say it, so I just won't say it anymore. You're just so sure that you are objectively right in a purely subjective situation. Sorry man ... I just can't imagine thinking as you do.

The saving grace here is that eBay allows me to block buyers like you.
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