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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
i dunno man. 1.65 for shipping up to 3 ounces and DC.

so you leave .35 per package to cover your supplies and fees? Just seems like a negative sum for people that don't buy their shipping supplies in bulk.

buy 500 bubble mailers on ebay for about 35-40 bucks shipped. that's .08 per bubble mailer.

toploaders. 1.99 per 25 ct. that's .0796, or close to .08 again per top loader.

penny sleeves- 100 ct for .99, so roughly .01 per sleeve

team bags. 100 for 2.19. turns out to .0219, or .02.

so all said and done, your supplies and shipping alone should cost 1.65+.19= 1.84 for one card

but that's IF you order all your supplies (minus the bubble mailers) from blowout or some other retailer in bulk so you can avoid a shipping fee on those and IF people are smart enough to buy bubble mailers in bulk.

hell, i think i charge 2.50 for shipping.
Your profits should be made from what you sell. Not from shipping. If your purpose of making a profit is from shipping then selling on ebay is not your business. You should be in the shipping business.

In my opinion, the overhead in supplies cost is a "Cost of doing business" its absorbed into revenue generation. The same way you treat it in a trade. If I buy a card from you in the BST section of the boards here, are you going to nickle and dime to for a penny sleeve, top loader, team bag, having to walk to your PO and taking up your time?

Everyone has a defined $xxx amount they are comfy with spending for shipping. If you are within it, you get positive, if you exceed it, you get appropriate feedback. Its pretty simple.
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