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So this Ebay account that you proudly claim to have a 4.98 Shipping DSR is not yours?

You were not lying to us were you?

The truth can set you free.

Originally Posted by Jrb1 View Post
He can ask whatever he wants, I have no problem complying with his shipping charges, if your charge is unreasonable you should lose the discount. but why should he double up on my expense?

I am a top rated silver powerseller with the discount, I charge $2 on my straight auctions with free combined shipping, and I still get 1s & 2s, but I don't cry about it. I offer free shipping on my fixed price auctions so I get the guaranteed 5 stars. My Shipping Charge DSR is 4.98.

How am i taking money out of his pocket when I am adding $2 to his pocket? If he feels $4 is justifiable thats fine, but most ebayers will not feel its fair and hit the DSR. He even said himself his shipping charge is high. Let me throw this back at you, how can he sleep @ night by taking money out of the buyers pockets?
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