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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Your profits should be made from what you sell. Not from shipping. If your purpose of making a profit is from shipping then selling on ebay is not your business. You should be in the shipping business.

In my opinion, the overhead in supplies cost is a "Cost of doing business" its absorbed into revenue generation. The same way you treat it in a trade. If I buy a card from you in the BST section of the boards here, are you going to nickle and dime to for a penny sleeve, top loader, team bag, having to walk to your PO and taking up your time?

Everyone has a defined $xxx amount they are comfy with spending for shipping. If you are within it, you get positive, if you exceed it, you get appropriate feedback. Its pretty simple.

yeah, cost of doing business. in a trade, I don't charge for shipping because i'm not being charged for shipping. However, you still shell out 1.65 plus the supplies to do it, which makes each bubble mailer and everything else go up in individual price.

just saying man, 2-2.50 is justified. not trying to disagree with you in the slightest.
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