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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
The controlling market share of case breakers would completely disagree with you on this. And they are, after all, selling on eBay.
Depends on the perspective. If my only channel of getting product is through group breaks and it works out cheaper, it actually works in my favor. If it does not, I have the right to leave appropriate feedback no? That was the issue at hand here, the ability to leave feedback based on personal experience. Im not saying you were wrong in this situation, im advocating the otherside to see where its coming from, thats all! At $4.50 or even $5, you are not excessive in my opinion. But I have been caught in the past paying up to $60 to ship mulitple wins and it all arriving in 1 bubble mailer marked with $3.19. Do I have to live with this type "Bamboozle" all because I knew what I was getting into by reading the sellers description of not combining shipping and shipping rates? Sure, but then you must also follow the same logic and terms by accepting my feedback and my opppurunity to return the product for full refend. Its a 2 way street.

My friend and I have a semi drop shipment business which he handles for ebay auctions. He has over 100,000 transactions between ebay and amazon stores. He toyed with free shipping and added that cost into the price of the auction vs cheaper auction price and standard shipping rates. He now sells 25% more product based on "Free shipping". Technically not free but no concern to the buyer. THe point here is dont offset your profits/losses by hedging shipping fees. People dont like it. People dont like being nickled and dimed for everything.

Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
I totally agree man. My big complaint was that I sent the guy four cards for $4, and he gave me four 2's. I would have liked one 1 and three 3's better than that, and it seems more appropriate that he would have done it that way. He made it out like each card cost him $4 in shipping.
As I stated before, I dont see any reason for this guy to have left you anything but proper and positive feedback. I dsagree with their backwards mentality on the feedback left. But that doesnt mean I disagree with a system that allows us to leave our personal view through feedback.

Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
yeah, cost of doing business. in a trade, I don't charge for shipping because i'm not being charged for shipping. However, you still shell out 1.65 plus the supplies to do it, which makes each bubble mailer and everything else go up in individual price.

just saying man, 2-2.50 is justified. not trying to disagree with you in the slightest.
If $2-$2.50 was what stopped you from getting more bids for higher ending prices, would you still charge it because its overhead cost? This right here is what sets apart smart business from micro business matters.

Would you assume the overhead cost of $3 if you knew it would bring in $10+ in bidding activity? Seems like a no brainer to me.

The point is, shipping costs, bubble mailer can be added to the total shipping costs. The toploader and penny sleeve and team bags is part of the card up for auction. Excessive shipping charges (What I deem excessive is when the seller is making a clear profit off shipping) are not good business practices. Feedback will show this.

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