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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
The point is, shipping costs, bubble mailer can be added to the total shipping costs. The toploader and penny sleeve and team bags is part of the card up for auction. Excessive shipping charges (What I deem excessive is when the seller is making a clear profit off shipping) are not good business practices. Feedback will show this.
I do think the top loader, penny sleeve, and team bag should be considered part of the cost. After all, aren't they necessary expenses for me to get you the card in the condition that I promised?

I still hold that the entire argument comes down to "reasonable handling fees". Where is the line between "profit" and "handling fee"?

Also, Jrb1 really struck a nerve with me when he said this:

forgot to add this, If I had paid $3.25 for shipping and I see it was done @ the post office which they charge $2.81 I would be leaving 5 Stars, if its $1.64 and isee an ebay label 3 stars BOOOOOOM.
There is just so much wrong with this mentality, from a business perspective, that it makes me question the guy's fundamental ability to reason.
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