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So make it easy on yourself then. Instead of adding them to handling costs and hoping someone doesnt take offense to them and leave you a DSR ding, just add it to the starting auction price? Is that pretty simple.

Say you start an auction at $9.99. Start it at $14.99 and offer free shipping. Of course some wont do this because the whole intention is to profit of shipping. To make dollars off shipping to offset more profits or losses. Such a dirty game.

I start all my auctions at 9.99 and give $3 shipping. Or I start them all at $9.99 and give free shipping hoping that I eat the cost of shipping and get more bidders.

Its pretty clear and cut. If you dont want the headaches then associate the costs to your starting price.

As for the comment that upset you... THats pretty excessive. You shouldnt focus your energy on it upsetting you. You should focus your energy on how to avoid such issues. He sees it as profitting off shipping. You see it as a cost of doing business. So change your method so that it doesnt become an issue again. That method? I dont know, maybe associating the cost into your starting price? Eating the cost? whatever it is, if you want good diligent business, this feedback system will shape you up.

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