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Originally Posted by hobbiewt View Post
Received my cards today, Thanks. Going to send in that Jayme Lopez Auto to get it graded
Yay! He was so proud of that card. It took him about 6 hours to make it. (And another 6 hours to sign them all.) He used a "baseball card" from when he was in little league. I laughed SO hard when I saw it that I had to make more.

Unfortunately, he also decided to cut them himself too. Apparently 2.5x3.5 was just a rough guesstimate....

Not every package got the card. They were pretty random as I only had so many. Most every package got something... but there was an extra logo on the back so I didn't send them in every box so as not too offend anyone. Also, some packages I just forgot... and a few were packed just before the cards arrived (A usernames).
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