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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
I'll reiterate on what I said ... you continue to insult your fellow businessmen, guys that consistently go above-and-beyond to promote this hobby and help others. You think this is a good way to conduct yourself?? I consider this more offensive than someone charging $5 to ship in a PWE.
Insult? more like protect, myself from the gang of wolves attacking me because I speak it how it is.

Originally Posted by uberfatty View Post
Did you just admit to giving other members false eBay usernames to make your friend's feedback seem like you own, or am I reading that wrong?
Nope, I didn't not give me ebay ID out & I still haven't, The Investigator thinks he found it. That was my former account 2.5 months ago. I have a different account that is mine that you will have to find. I will not reiterate that again.

Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
What is the use of having a DSR or a feedback system if you are forcing your buyers to give you 5s all day long? How can anyone trust a skewed system.

If it makes you feel better maybe ebay should start a new policy on pre approved bidders with a option of not allowing bidders who do not support excessive shipping standards lol (Joke).

On a serious note, The OP is not excessive in his shipping charges inb my opinion. But I dont think anyone should be held in contempt or threatened because they choose to leave a feedback they deem reasonable. What you are basically saying is "Dont bid on my items and win them unless you are willing to leave me 5 stars". Thats defeats the purpose of a feedback system. Not saying you dont deserve more than 1 star in this case. Just stating that it works both ways if you are looking for honest feedback.
If they need pre-approved bidders, then the shill bidding will start. The mentality of all this sellers are whatever they do is correct, whatever I do is wrong.

Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
So this Ebay account that you proudly claim to have a 4.98 Shipping DSR is not yours?

You were not lying to us were you?

The truth can set you free.
On my Account I have a 4.98. The Jrbsportscards! account was a 4.94 last time I was on it, Thats why I dropped my shipping charges to $2 on the other account.

I have nothing else left to say here.
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