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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
The buyer will be given a courtesy refund if there is not history of this. Seller is covered. If you shipped through paypal/ebay to the confirmed address they can tell and seller is OK.
Good point. I keep forgetting about the courtesy refunds. Knock on wood I've never had to deal with it.

Originally Posted by FreeMan12406 View Post
Easy fix. Call your PO, open a case, and they will track the package down for you. It happened to me as a seller about a month ago. They will be able to see that they sent it to the wrong address.

Can they tell for sure what address it was delivered to if it was misdelivered? Is there anything they would do about it if it wasn't insured? I would think that the PO may find it sometimes, but sometimes they would be out of luck.

Just asking out of curiosity....
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