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If you are going on talent as opposed to who you like you must be an ATL hater. Julio probably not five but almost as good, if not better than, Harvin, Marshall. And Roddy is def top 5. Also, Gonzalez at TE?? Isn't he like second all time in receptions?

Arian Foster would def also deserve a spot over McCoy, or T-Rich

I will just go Offense

QB--Rodgers, Brady, Manning, Manning, Brees

RB--AP, Foster, Rice, MJD, Johnson then Gore/Charles

WR--Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Roddy White, Fitzgerald, Steve Smith (think talent/skill wise he is still up there just hasn't had a QB in awhile)

TE--Gonzalez, Gronk, Witten, Miller, Gates/Davis
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