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so..let me get this straight.


Orton vs Del Rio
Rhodes Scholars vs Hell No
Kofi vs Miz
Cesaro vs Gabriel
Sin Mysterio vs PTP
Big Show vs Sheamus
Divas crap
Punk Vs Ryback

so..for the next PPV Survivor Series....we have 4 of the same matches, effectively combined into 1...

Team Punk (Punk, Del Rio, Miz, Rhode Scholars) vs Team Foley (Ryback, Orton, Kofi, Hell No)

clever clever booking and creative decision WWE

so that leaves us with a Big Show/Sheamus rematch...Cena/Ziggler match..Divas crap..

and then what?

another weak Sin Mysterio tag match..probably against a pathetic Slater/Mahal team?

another Gabriel squash by Cesaro?

weaksauce WWE..weaksauce

and just to further prove my McMahon "doesnt care about care about TNA" crusade...

TNA just finished running this SAME EXACT STORYLINE...execpt it was the owner of the company Dixie Carter and AJ Styles (many have said its TNAs John Cena)...complete with same hotel pics and elevator pics...

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