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Default 2 Box Break Bowman Chrome-All FT-Lawrie

Hello Everyone,

In 2 boxes I did not get 1 Cincinnati Red and not much else. All is FT for Red's or local players of interest. Take a look and take a laugh at me. I also busted a box of Certified Football and a Box of Hoops. Both stunk also.

If you are looking for specific rookies lmk. I did not get any of the big prospects except a Harper Rc.

Thanks for looking.

Here is what I got:

Bobby Crocker
Brad Miller

Purple Refractror Jhonny Peralta #39/199
Blue RC Brett Lawrie #36/250
Blue Rc Brad Peacock #58/250

Legends in the Making
Brett Lawrie
Dylan Bundy

Franchise All-Stars
Butler/Myers Royals
Andrus/Profar Rangers
Cano/Austin Yankees

All-Star Futures Game

RC Lawrie, Reed
1st card Bergman, Santana, Lagares
Veterans Cain, Carpenter, Howard, Beckett

Best card I ever got (my avatar).
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