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Originally Posted by bigzig View Post
Can they tell for sure what address it was delivered to if it was misdelivered? Is there anything they would do about it if it wasn't insured? I would think that the PO may find it sometimes, but sometimes they would be out of luck.

Just asking out of curiosity....
I can only speak about my experience. I sent with DC and with insurance. The package I sent wound up in another state. When I called, before even telling them the package was lost, they were able to see that the package was sent to the wrong place. A case was opened and a case manager was put in charge. In about 5 days or so, he received the package safe and sound. They were able to track it down and get it back. We were protected either way thanks to the insurance ($250 card) but it was nice that he got the card.

He posted about the experience somewhere on the baseball forums.
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