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Default Sports Betting (NBA and NCAA)

This edit is from a MOD....remember when discussing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please keep thread on topic and only for discussion on subject as stated above. Forum rules state that gambling/betting is NOT allowed

There is one on the football board, so I figured I'd get some insight from those of you on this side...

Do any of you all bet on NBA/NCAA?

Wanted to get a discussion going on best plays, line movement & other things.....

Who do you like for opening night?

BOS/MIA -6.5
DAL/LAK -8.5

I'm liking Miami to cover opening tipoff and against their rivals. Ray Allen is gonna go off on his old team...

Don't know about the Cavs and Wiz. Two of the worst teams playing each other, it's really a toss up...

I like the Lakers, but not sure if they will cover. Kobe's hurt. Dwight maybe a little rusty, but he's going up against Eddy Curry lol. Lakers lost all their preseason games, so maybe they will turn it on because it counts now???

Your thoughts?
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