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Originally Posted by EricInCT View Post
I am conceding the celts for the game play and take miami -1 in the 2nd half.....I am sure the celts will proceed to do what Wash did to Clev tonight....score the first 14 pts of the 4th.
Not to mention you left yourself open for a middle and could lose the celtics bet and the heat -1 2nd half bet.

You didn't post a celtics line but it was 6.5
So in order to WIN your second half heat bet they have to win by 10.

Heat was up 8 at half and they were -1 to that's 9.
So you got the Heat -9 and Boston +6.5 (maybe 7) for the game.

Real smart move. If you post on thread I will call your stupid plays out for everyone to see.
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