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Originally Posted by EricInCT View Post
Manu Ginobili didn't even travel with the team to New Orleans, you might want to mention that they are missing one of their big 3 if you are going to go into such a detailed analysis. I will add that the Spurs swept them last year, 4-0, and are 11-2 in 13 meetings, including two straight on the road in NO.
I find it strange that if this is such a mismatch and you feel strongly about it you will condense your bet into a -4 for a half and face the risk of poor shooting out of the gate and lack of a rhythm in an opening night game rather than laying an additional bucket or 3 pter (line is 6-7) since you know this team can close out games with their experience, no pressure to 'close out' a half. A lot of people though -5 with the lakers was a good pick too.

I like them for the game, first half seems a bit risky IMO.

I wish you the best, just my initial thoughts.
Stuff that that is meaningless to me, new year and new players. So does it matter if the Spurs swept them last year? Or are 11-2 in the last 13? I think people look for this stuff so they can find reasons to bet.

I am not saying the Spurs are a bad bet or the NO is going to cover, but I find trends useless especially when people look back over previous seasons.
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