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Originally Posted by jt16 View Post
Basketball is a tough sport to bet, I did great last year with the schedule being what it was. You had teams playing 4 games a week and you could see teams taking nights off. You have a lot of big underdogs winning out right.

I have being killing it in college football this year so I got some money to play with, my NBA and NCAA plays are a fraction of my football plays.

With that said, I am looking at the Blazers, New Orleans, and Raptors. Not sure if I will bet all or just one. Will post later.

I wrote the Kings off early because I think there is enough squares out there who think the Bulls are terrible without Rose and 7 is too high.
LAC/Memphis are no opinion....My square play would be Denver.
You and Wolffer must be brothers. You don't post ANY of your football picks, just criticize others (yet you seem to have all the time in the world to kill), but are "killing it" and Wolffer posts his 3 hours after the game begins, and takes a huge underdog...on the moneyline no less

At least I post everything I play.
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