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Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
I have hit 58% with over 700 plays in the NBA the last 3 years and have never had a losing season. The best sports bettors in the world strive to hit 58% and many are content hitting 55%. The opinions I have are obviously backed up by stats. I could start throwing out how the Spurs were top 10 in every offensive catergory last year and how the Hornets stats were obviously terrible but I don't think everyone wants to hear about a bunch of numbers/stats.

Just because one play (Lakers -5 1H) did not work does not mean my argument is worthless. I would have never taken Lakers -5 1H because they have a completely new team. They don't have chemistry, they lost every preseason game.
fair enough, i just thought that making case that the line for the 1h should be lower based on the overall line was the same thing that happened last night, and it didn't work out. you could just say you think it will hit based on a number of other factors and i would nod my head. I agree that 58% is pretty solid.
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