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Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
Trust me I've been doubted in the past. That thread with 1.7 million views had tons of people who didn't think I could continue winning and many haters. I even had people creating fake twitter accounts pretending to be me to solicit business at one point. I'll post my plays every now and then but can't continue posting them all in fairness to my paying clients.
Paying clients, LOL, you are just a tout trying to make money. Been there done that. If you have paying clients then why post picks here for free?? Because you want people to PM you so you can get more suckers to pay for picks. Thats why.

NEVER PAY FOR PICKS, the info is out there for everyone to see. Vegas gives all the info you need with the lines they release, remember Vegas doesn't put out lines to get 50/50 action. They put out lines because they analysis the info better then anybody else in the world. They take all the trends, stats, injuries, weather etc and put a line.
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