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Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
You think no one is on them but there are tons of people on New Orleans. If all the action was on Spurs, then the linesmakers would keep moving the line up. The line has only moved 0.5 point thus far. All this thinking of "Books are trying to trap" is simply not true. The books don't gamble, they let their customers do that. They try to get the same amount of money on both sides and make the guaranteed 10%. The ONLY book that will sometimes leave a large amount of money on one side than the other is

Simply betting non-public plays will NEVER work. If it were that easy, then we could all just go and check the betting %'s and bet the team least bet on. None of us would need jobs and we'd all be millionaries. Non-Public plays hit 50%, Public plays hit 50%. It's all about picking and choosing and beating the juice.
Vegas never gets 50/50 action on games. They hardly ever move the line because squares pound the favorites...The only games Vegas wants 50/50 action is the Super Bowl and other Championship games that draw millions of dollars in bets.

There a tons of examples every week that proves that 50/50 Vegas thing wrong. Why do street books make money? Do think they get 50/50 action on all their games? Books win because people bet favorites, and when they win they bet more, and then bet until they lose.
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