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Originally Posted by jt16 View Post
Dude there is no way that you are legit, Vegas never gets 50/50 action on games. They hardly ever move the line because squares pound the favorites...The only games Vegas wants 50/50 action is the Super Bowl and other Championship games that draw millions of dollars in bets.

There a tons of examples every week that proves that 50/50 Vegas thing wrong. Why do street books make money? Do think they get 50/50 action on all their games? Books win because people bet favorites, and when they win they bet more, and then bet until they lose.
58% win rate over 700 plays isn't legit? Billy Walters (look him up because I know you don't know who he is) is the biggest and most successful sports bettor in the world. His win rate is 58%.

Books don't gamble, they aim for 50/50 action. They don't always get it exact but that's the goal. The reason street books make money is because people lack money management skills. They go all in and eventually they lose. You won't simply lose just because you bet favorites. It'd be pretty easy to just bet all underdogs and win but that doesn't work either, dogs hit 50% just as favorites do. They beat you long run with the juice and people lacking money management skills.

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